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[PACK OF 6] OTTOGI Cup Noodle Spicy 오뚜기 컵누들 매콤한맛

[PACK OF 6] OTTOGI Cup Noodle Spicy 오뚜기 컵누들 매콤한맛

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OTTOGI Cup Noodle

오뚜기 컵누들

Satisfy your hunger with our secret weapon Cup Noodle Spicy! With just 120 calories, this low-calorie option is perfect for a light and satisfying meal. We understand those moments when you crave cup ramen but hesitate due to its high calorie content. That's why we've crafted OTTOGI Cup Noodle Spicy to address that hesitation.

Made with 100% mung bean and potato starch, our chewy noodles are not fried in oil, making them healthier and significantly reducing the calorie load. The refreshing yet spicy broth is a standout feature of this cup noodle, providing a flavorful experience that's perfect for a quick meal or a guilt-free snack when hunger strikes.

Experience the convenience and deliciousness of OTTOGI Cup Noodle Spicy—your go-to solution for tackling hunger without the calorie overload!


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