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BIOHEAL BOH PANTHECELL Repair Cica Cream 50ml 바이오힐 보 판테셀 리페어시카크림 50ml 얇은 피부용

BIOHEAL BOH PANTHECELL Repair Cica Cream 50ml 바이오힐 보 판테셀 리페어시카크림 50ml 얇은 피부용

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바이오힐 보 판테셀 리페어시카크림 50ml 얇은 피부용

Comprehensive Skin Thickness Study for Sensitive Skin Types

Our Panthecell Repair Cica Cream is specially formulated to improve skin thickness and provide a soothing effect, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Clinically proven to offer temporary soothing and fundamental improvement in skin thickness, this cream is your go-to solution for maintaining a healthy skin barrier. With advanced technology, BIO OLIOSOME TECH, that is a patented biotechnology that enhances absorption of active ingredients into the skin, it ensures them penetrate deeply for maximum effectiveness.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves Skin Thickness: Helps enhance skin thickness, reducing sensitivity and improving overall skin health.
  • Soothes Irritation: Provides immediate soothing for irritated skin.
  • Non-Sticky, Refreshing Texture: Does not block pores or leave a white cast, offering a lightweight and refreshing feel.
  • 100% Satisfaction: Users love the refreshing texture and lack of synthetic fragrance.

Featured Ingredients:

  • PANTHECELL™ REPAIR CICA: BIOHEAL BOH’s proprietary ingredient that improves skin thickness and reduces sensitivity.
  • Panthecell: Enhances skin thickness and facial skin resilience.
  • CGF: Provides skin-soothing benefits.
  • 5% Panthenol: Strengthens the skin barrier.
  • 12 Proteins: Supports skin repair and vitality.

Recommended For: Ideal for those experiencing severe skin tightening after cleansing, susceptibility to flushing and irritation from external factors, and requiring specialized skincare attention. It's also perfect for combating decreased skin vitality and persistent dryness, addressing skin irritation post-UV exposure, and catering to the needs of thin and sensitive skin types.

How to Use: To incorporate into your skincare routine, use the provided spatula to scoop an adequate amount after cleansing, both in the morning and evening. Gently massage the cream along your skin's texture until fully absorbed. For best results, ensure consistent use of Panthecell Repair Cica Cream as part of your daily skincare regimen.

BIOHEAL BOH: The Solution to a Damaged Skin Barrier

Experience the transformative effects of Panthecell Repair Cica Cream and achieve healthier, more resilient skin. Order now and enjoy the benefits of advanced skincare technology designed for sensitive skin types.

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