Return 24 Premium Leeds Coffee 4g X 14Stick (Coffee powder 35%, Persimmon coffee 27%) 리턴24 하루 한잔의 습관 리즈커피 4g X 14포 (커피분말 35%, 이과수커피 27%)

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Return 24 Premium Leeds Coffee 4g X 14Stick

(Coffee powder 35%, Persimmon coffee 27%)

리턴24 하루 한잔의 습관 리즈커피 4g X 14포

(커피분말 35%, 이과수커피 27%)

Introducing Leeds Coffee, your perfect companion for a relaxing day with a touch of fitness! Crafted with precision for the Korean palate, this specialized enzyme coffee is designed to enhance your well-being and boost your workout performance.

Flavorful Options:

Indulge in the rich taste of Leeds Coffee, available in two delightful options - the sweet hazelnut flavor or the crisp and clean Americano. Tailor your coffee experience to match your taste preferences and savor the premium aroma of specially selected beans.

Enzyme Infusion:

Leeds Coffee stands as the pioneer in Korea, infusing each cup with five essential enzymes. These enzymes act as protein catalysts, aiding in the breakdown and absorption of food, ensuring that your body receives the nutrients it needs.

Premium Ingredients:

Crafted with care, Leeds Coffee minimizes chemical additives, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable coffee experience. The use of premium beans in the renewal process elevates the taste, promising a more flavorful and aromatic cup compared to conventional offerings.

Fitness-Enhancing Components:

Leeds Coffee goes beyond just flavor - it's a powerhouse of fitness-boosting ingredients. From MCT oil, which burns fat for energy, to L-Carnitine, essential for fatty acid metabolism, each element is thoughtfully selected to support your fitness journey.

Dietary Fiber for Gut Health:

Taking responsibility for your body's well-being, Leeds Coffee includes polydextrose, a dietary fiber that aids in smooth bowel movements. In clinical studies, this functional ingredient has shown an increase in bowel frequency, promoting overall gut health.

Complete Nutrition in Every Sip:

Leeds Coffee understands the importance of comprehensive nutrition. With a meticulous blend of nine vitamins, this coffee ensures you receive essential nutrients and antioxidant benefits in one convenient cup.

Workout Booster:

Maximize your workout with Leeds Coffee's blend of nine amino acids, including BCAAs. This powerful booster provides energy recharge, improved exercise performance, stamina renewal, and aids in daily recovery. Elevate your fitness routine with every sip!

Indulge in the perfect fusion of taste, health, and fitness with Leeds Coffee. Elevate your coffee experience and fuel your well-being with each cup, specially curated for the discerning consumer who values both flavor and functionality.