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ROUND LAB Soybean Panthenol Cream 80mL 라운드랩 약콩 판테놀 크림 80mL

ROUND LAB Soybean Panthenol Cream 80mL 라운드랩 약콩 판테놀 크림 80mL

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ROUND LAB Soybean Panthenol Cream 80mL

라운드랩 약콩 판테놀 크림 80mL

  • Anti-wrinkle functional cosmetics that provides 120 hour hydration.
  • Apply black soybean panthenol cream for accumulated skin concerns due to weakened skin barrier.
  • Experience the 100% satisfaction in deep hydration, improved skin barrier, and alleviated dead skin cells.
  • 120 hour long-lasting moisturizing product.
  • Percutaneous moisture loss reduced by 27.75% and improved skin barrier after 2 weeks of use to complete firm and smooth skin texture.
  • Improves skin moisturization by 648.93% through long-lasting deep hydration complete with 10 moisture layers.
  • Gently absorbs as soon as touching the skin and provides smooth moisturizing effect without any oiliness.
  • ROUND LAB creates cosmetics that can be used with peace of mind, even for sensitive skin.
  • Certified as non-irritating product from clinical trial so it is carefree on skin.

Featured ingredients

  • Contains panthenol which is an excellent moisturizing ingredient. Once absorbed into the skin, panthenol changes into vitamin B5 to strengthen hydration and skin barrier.
  • For deeper absorption of panthenol into skin, double-layered structure niosome technology is used in nanosize.
  • The maximized effect of panthenol provides moisturizing and smooth skin.
  • Black soybean grown in cold and refreshing clean high attitude is rich in proteins, vitamin B, and other nutrients to provide deep hydration to skin.
  • The three major moisturizing ingredients including ceramide, cholesterol, and fatty acid are mixed with ratio that is similar to skin structure for advanced hydration and skin barrier care.

How to use

In the final step of your skin care routine, apply an appropriate amount to your skin and let it absorbed.
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