Sooryehan Bichaek True-Rejuvenating Skincare Set 수려한 비책진생 스마트 기획세트


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Sooryehan Bichaek True-Rejuvenating Skincare Set

수려한 비책진생 스마트 기획세트


Keep your skin healthy by steeping red ginseng for 100 hours.
Experience a deep and rich moisturizing sensation.
Discover the beautiful Hwayun line that addresses rough, saggy, and dry skin.


  • BICHAEK TRUE-REJUVENATING SKINCARE SPECIAL SET - Bichaek True-Rejuvenating Toner (80 ml), Bichaek True-Rejuvenating Emulsion (80 ml), Bichaek True-Rejuvenating Cream (30 ml), Bichaek True-Rejuvenating Essence 10ml, Bichaek True-Rejuvenating  Eye Cream (6 ml)
  • GINSENG & KOREAN HERBAL ENERGY - Ultra-nourishing nutrients extracted from Panax ginseng root, stem, and leaf ,sourced from clean areas in Korea, known to be rich in amino acids, coupled with 7 kinds of Korean oriental herbal extracts work together to help promote even skin tone and deliver deep and long-lasting nutrition.
  • HEALTHY, FIRM & RADIANT SKIN - Begin your daily skincare routine with Bichaek True-Rejuvenating Toner, a highly hydrating toner that keeps moisture locked in your skin for a long time, followed by Bichaek True-Rejuvenating Emulsion that deeply moisturizes for healthy and radiant skin. Finish off with Bichaek True-Rejuvenating Cream that boasts an ultra-rich texture for reducing the look of wrinkles and promoting an illuminated skin tone.
  • SOORYEHAN - Defying age and beauty through traditional herbal medicinal methods, by using Korean Ginseng from the natures of Korea as the base ingredient, perfecting and extracting its skincare potential through Korean Herbal Medicine Cosmetics (Hanbang) Bio Technology, Sooryehan is the full embodiment of eternal beauty through creating skincare products to help your skin achieve its glowing and ageless potential.
  • LG BEAUTY- Proudly a part of LG H&H, bringing you effective skincare and products to elevate your life through patented ingredients and LG’s forefront of science, technology, and expertise.