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TG Dominas Cream Plus 15g (Dark Spot Treatment) TG 도미나스 크림 플러스 15g (기미케어)

TG Dominas Cream Plus 15g (Dark Spot Treatment) TG 도미나스 크림 플러스 15g (기미케어)

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TG 도미나스 크림 플러스 15g 

TG Dominas Cream Plus 15g 


  • DARK SPOT IMPROVEMENT - Quinone Complex Plus, the exclusive core component of DOMINAS Cream Plus, contains niacinamide which can help improve your overall skin tone and reduce dark spots. This cream was formulated based on 60 years of know-how of Tai Guk Pharm, a company renowned for producing effective dark spot correcting and recovery solutions.
  • ALL-IN-ONE CARE - DOMINAS Cream Plus is packed with panthenol, urea, and trehalose for nourishment and hydration to bring out the natural beauty of your skin. It also contains TECA (titrated extract of centella asiatica) that was developed to soothe irritated skin, making it a perfect all-in-one solution for your daily skincare routine.
  • ULTIMATE CARE FOR EVEN SKIN TONE - DOMINAS Cream Plus is a smart cream that can address and effectively provide solutions to various kinds of skin pigmentation issues - from visible dark spots to those that cannot be detected with the naked eye.
  • DOMINAS - DOMINAS is a beauty brand that specializes in producing functional cosmetic/beauty skincare products that focuses on dark spot correcting, wrinkle/fine line improvement.

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    • 도미나스 크림 플러스 50g


      • 멜라닌 억제, 피부표면아래 기미완화, 피부겉 기미완화의 정교한 3단계 멜라닌 케어 기술로 기미를 집중케어 합니다.
      • 브라이트닝 퀴논 콤플렉스에 트라넥삼산을 더하고 퀴논 유도체를 2배 강화 하였습니다.
      • 판테놀, 우레아, 토코페롤 등 피부영양성분과 진정성분이 함유되어 있어 피부개선에 도움을 줍니다.
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      • 기미가 쉽게 생기는 눈밑, 코 등 기미면적 완화 도움
      • 검고 진한 기미완화 도움
      • 눈에 보이지 않는 기미 완화에 도움


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