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TOOQ WATERPROOF SLIM EYELINER 0.12g 투크 워터프루프 슬림 아이라이너 0.12g

TOOQ WATERPROOF SLIM EYELINER 0.12g 투크 워터프루프 슬림 아이라이너 0.12g

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투크 투크 워터프루프 슬림 아이라이너 0.12g

Introducing the Tooq Waterproof Slim Eyeliner – a premium and trendy beauty essential hailing from Korea. Elevate your eye makeup with this special and unique eyeliner featuring a range of trending colors for a captivating look.

  • Seamless Color: Tooq Beige expands the sclera, providing a seamless color that enhances your eyes without standing out.
  • Precise Makeup: Achieve smooth spreadability, minimizing eyelash clumping and cracking for precise and flawless makeup.
  • Vivid Colors: Express vivid colors without any sense of shading, seamlessly expanding your eyes with subtle and mysterious shades for an enchanting look.
  • Original Colors: Explore unique shading shadows for wider and relaxed eye makeup, awakening your hidden vibe with fresh, sensory colors.
  • Ultra Slim Liner: Finish your makeup in detail with a 2mm ultra-slim liner, thin yet smooth, without irritating your eyes.
  • Gentle Formula: Gentle to sensitive eyes, it's drawn smoothly and continuously with high-density soft pigments.
  • Water/Oil-Proof: Tooq's special technique ensures strong adhesion without smudging before cleansing.
  • Patented Air-Tight Container: Maintains a soft texture without hardening easily.

Melting fix complex and dry formation unique to Tooq ensure smudge-proof and smooth application.

How to Use:

Smoothly draw lines with the right colors on the eyeliner, triangle zone, and tail of the eyes for a flawless finish.

Color Options:

  • Coolish Brown: Cool and tight brown for a refreshing and cool appearance.
  • Burnt Toast: Subtle matte bronze for bright, non-stuffy eyes.
  • Underbrown: Seamless light brown for standout eyes without redness.
  • Tooq Beige: Subtle elongation with a non-artificial look.
  • Ginger Mute: Luxurious mute color for seamlessly open eyes.
  • Cool Tear: Cool, luminous pink for brightening corners and delta area.
  • Warm Tear: Deep brown coral for a subtly deeper look.

Elevate your eye makeup game with Tooq Waterproof Slim Eyeliner – where premium, trendy, and special colors meet for an eye-catching experience straight from the heart of Korean beauty trends.


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