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Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream 100ml (Jar) 토리든 다이브인 수딩크림 100ml (단지형)

Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream 100ml (Jar) 토리든 다이브인 수딩크림 100ml (단지형)

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Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream 100ml (Jar)

토리든 다이브인 수딩크림 100ml (단지형)

Discover the ultimate in hydration with our lightweight cream that leaves no sticky sensation behind. Gentle on sensitive skin, it's perfect for everyday use. Experience the cooling and hydrating effects of our water-burst cream, recognized as the No.1 Hydration Soothing Cream. It delivers a refreshing, soothing, and deeply moisturizing experience. Plus, our clean and vegan formula is kind to both animals and your skin, making it a guilt-free addition to your skincare routine.

Featured Ingredients

  • 5D Hyaluronic Complex: Provides intense hydration and moisturization to the skin.
  • Water Ball Holding System: Offers cooling hydration and moisture retention, ensuring your skin stays refreshed and hydrated all day.

Deep Hydration Technology

Does your skin get dry quickly after applying moisturizer? Try Torriden's Water Ball Hydrating Cream. Utilizing the Water Ball Holding System, it locks in moisture by encasing the hydrating ingredients, helping the formula absorb freshly into the skin and keeping it moisturized for a long time. Experience refreshing hydration that penetrates deep within your skin without a sticky finish.

5D Complex Low-Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

Formulated with five types of hyaluronic acid in different molecular sizes, this cream enhances absorption, providing full hydration starting from deep within the skin. This blend of high, medium, and low-molecular weight hyaluronic acids ensures comprehensive hydration.

Total Hydration Solution

Keep your skin hydrated without feeling sticky or quickly drying out. If your skin feels oily on the surface but dry and tight underneath, our lightly spreading, soothing cream can replenish hydration daily. The cooling sensation from hydration will refresh your mind as well as your skin.

Tip & Use

Apply a thick layer to heated or dry areas as an overnight mask for special hydration care. Make your skin healthy and radiant again with our Water Ball Hydrating Cream.

Experience the ultimate in cooling and hydrating care, and say goodbye to dry, lackluster skin.

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