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UNOVE NO WASH WATER AMPOULE TREATMENT 200ml + 50ml 어노브 노워시 워터 앰플 트리트먼트 세트 200ml + 50ml (집착워터팩)

UNOVE NO WASH WATER AMPOULE TREATMENT 200ml + 50ml 어노브 노워시 워터 앰플 트리트먼트 세트 200ml + 50ml (집착워터팩)

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어노브 노워시 워터 앰플 트리트먼트 세트 200ml + 50ml(집착워터팩)

  • no-wash water ampoule treatment that completes soft hair without tangles by charging protein the moment it is sprayed.
  • Unove, a global hair care brand prioritizing perfection, created with the technology of Dr. For Hair that embodies 'unrealistic softness' with best nutrition and softness, which are the essence of damaged hair care.
  • It has been tested for usability and efficacy with a focus on convenience, improvement of frizz, and calmness, and is a product with a satisfaction rate of 99.9%.
  • Based on the reviews, it is very convenient by simply spraying it without getting it on the hands, combed without clogging, and neatly arranged.
  • This product has confirmed the effect of improving hair tangles.
  • With the excellent hair adhesion of the water ampoule, it is rich in 30 types of proteins and nutrients to provide nutrition.
  • By checking the 230C hair damage protection effect, it protects the hair from being stimulated by heat devices such as a perm, hair dryer, and iron, so you can keep your hair healthy and tidy even after styling.
  • A signature perfume product with professional steering technology.
  • It shows a 43.204% improvement in rough, extremely damaged hair that is tangled and torn at once, enabling smooth combing.
  • As a no-wash type, the protein is completely absorbed into the hair without rinsing, and the increase in protein binding increases by 175.613%, helping to improve the hair texture.
  • It nourishes and fills in the gaps between the cuticles to smooth damaged and rough hair.
  • Shiny silky hair is finished with a glossy coating due to a 38.5% glossy increase of each hair.

Featured ingredients

  • With fine water particles, it adheres to the hair evenly without stickiness or clumping, and quickly supplies nutrients to rough and brittle damaged hair.
  • 25 types of protein & amino acids (water-soluble collagen, hydrolyzed silk, hydrolyzed keratin, silk amino acids, 4 types of hydrolyzed protein, 17 types of amino acids) and 5 types of plant-derived golden oil (olive oil, macadamia seed oil) , argan kernel oil, sunflower seed oil, camellia seed oil) ingredients provide rich nutrition to the hair, and plant-derived golden oil ingredients give a smooth, shiny glow.
  • The scent of the lily along with the fresh citrus, and the warm musk scent subtly spreads.

How to use

After shampooing, spray evenly at a distance of 10~15CM mainly for damaged and tangled hair in towel-dried wet hair, then dry.
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