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UNOVE SILK OIL ESSENCE 70ml 어노브 실크 에센스 70ml

UNOVE SILK OIL ESSENCE 70ml 어노브 실크 에센스 70ml

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어노브 실크 에센스 70ml


  • UNOVE Inversion Essence product that can feel surprisingly light and soft.
  • It is a highly nutritious silk oil essence that provides amazing softness without stickiness and richer in nutrition.
  • UNOVE, which was born with the technology of Dr.FORHAIR, a global hair care brand that studies only hair and strives perfection, has realized 'surreal softness' by focusing on nutrition and softness, which are the essence of damaged hair care.
  • It is a non-sticky, highly nutritious protein oil essence with an overwhelming softness as light as silk.
  • It is a highly nutritious protein oil care product for extremely damaged hair.
  • You can feel the soft silk coating effect without stickiness.
  • It is a signature perfume product with professional steering technology applied.
  • According to actual reviews, the scent is very good and it feels good when applied, it absorbs lightly and makes frizzy hair calm down, and used every day after curling hair.
  • It is a highly nutritious protein oil care product optimized for extremely damaged hair such as permed, dyed, and brittle hair.
  • UNOVE Silk Oil Essence provides silky care without stickiness as its rich in protein and nourishing essence instantly nourishes the hair and creates soft silky hair.
  • An Airy & Silky solution that gently permeates and helps calming down, the fresh oil formula provides sufficient nourishment to the rough hair and providing pleasant softness and shiny gloss without stickiness.
  • UNOVE’s unique silk coating solution gently wraps the damaged cuticle gap with a thick nourishing essence and makes soft and shiny hair, giving it an amazing softness.
  • It is a product with a pleasant scent that you want to keep, with fresh lily and fresh citrus’s warm musk and subtle scent.
  • UNOVE's signature perfume, which has been applied with professional perfumery, creates a fresh citrus and elegant floral musk scent and creates an attractive and lively image.
  • A luster nourishing care product that gives vitality to rough and brittle hair.


Featured ingredients

28 kinds of protein and nutrients help to supply rich nutrients.

  • Hydrolyzed Silk, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Silk Amino Acid, 2 Hydrolyzed Proteins, 18 Amino Acid Proteins & 23 Amino Acids Olive Oil, Queensland Nut Oil, Argan Kernel Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, 5 types of plant-derived golden oil from Camellia Japonica Seed Oil are filled with protein and nutrients from the inside to help damaged hair.
  • Protein and amino acid ingredients provide abundant nourishment to the hair, and plant-derived golden oil ingredients provide a smooth and shiny feeling.
  • The non-sticky oil component is quickly absorbed, giving a feeling of softness and radiant glow.


How to use

  • Apply an appropriate amount to wet or dry hair and gently apply.

To avoid damage and dryness from heat, use it before and after using the hair dryer, or apply it lightly whenever you feel dry, and your frizzy hair will be calmly organized.



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