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VT CICA X HYALON MILD REEDLE SHOT 50 50mL 브이티 시카 X 히알론 마일드 리들샷 50 50mL

VT CICA X HYALON MILD REEDLE SHOT 50 50mL 브이티 시카 X 히알론 마일드 리들샷 50 50mL

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브이티 시카 X 히알론 리들샷100


Introducing VT REEDLE SHOT 50 Essence, a groundbreaking skincare booster designed to elevate your skincare routine. Powered by advanced microneedle technology and infused with Centella Asiatica Extract, this essence revolutionizes your skincare regimen, providing visible results.

The microneedle-type ingredients are smaller than pores, effectively stimulating the skin and enhancing absorption. Meanwhile, Centella Asiatica Extract soothes and hydrates, leaving your skin radiant and refreshed. Clinically proven to improve skin texture and absorption, REEDLE SHOT 50 Essence is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. It addresses common skin concerns such as dullness, roughness, and lack of elasticity.

Experience the transformative effects of VT REEDLE SHOT 50 Essence as it stimulates collagen production, refines skin texture, and evens out skin tone. Enriched with Centella Asiatica Extract, renowned for its calming properties, REEDLE SHOT 50 soothes irritated skin, reduces redness, and promotes a healthy complexion.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of REEDLE SHOT 50 in improving skin texture and absorption. Users have reported smoother, more radiant skin after just a few uses, with continued improvement over time. For optimal results, apply REEDLE SHOT 50 to clean, dry skin both morning and night. Its mild formulation makes it suitable for daily use, providing gentle care for your skin day and night.

Unlock the potential of your skin with VT REEDLE SHOT 50 Essence and experience smoother, more radiant skin today.


Key Features:

  • Microneedle-type ingredients for deep absorption into dull skin, stimulating skin improvement.
  • Clinically proven deeper, faster, and better absorption through microneedle technology.
  • Addresses skin concerns independently, promoting brightening, smoothing, and radiance.
  • Reviews indicate shinier, smoother skin within three days, with increased skin elasticity and improved moisturization.

Featured Ingredients:

  • Centella Asiatica Extract: Enhances absorption and provides a powerful soothing effect.
  • Triple Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturizes and strengthens the moisture barrier.
  • Centella 4X Complex: Soothes, moisturizes, and strengthens skin.

All Day Mild Care Reedle Shot 50 - All Day Starter 38,000 CICA Reedle

Experience mild care for sensitive skin with VT REEDLE SHOT 50 - All Day Mild Care. Perfect for morning and evening skincare routines, this formula is gentle on delicate and sensitive skin types, offering a hassle-free solution for daily skincare. With its lightweight texture and mild formulation, it helps soothe and calm sensitive skin, reducing sensitivity throughout the day and providing gentle care for your skin, day and night.

Transform your skincare routine with VT REEDLE SHOT 50 - All Day Mild Care and enjoy radiant, healthy-looking skin every day.

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