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WAKEMAKE Mix Blurring Eye Palette / 웨이크메이크 믹스 블러링 아이 팔레트

WAKEMAKE Mix Blurring Eye Palette / 웨이크메이크 믹스 블러링 아이 팔레트

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Why we love it
Comes in a glitter formula to help eyeshadow stick well after fixing.
Do not scrub it too hard to prevent irritation.
Featured ingredients
#1 Orchid Mauve: Contains Veiled, Crystal, Pink Pepper, Dusk, Mauve-nature, Hush, Orchid, Deep Ash, Mixed Berry
#2 Butter Caramel: Contains Starlit, Gold Punch, Crispy, Deep Edge, Butter Milk, Camel, Tan, Brown, Carrot Pound
#3 Forest Brown Scent Collection: Contains Snowy Scenery, The Earth, Tender Glow, Firewood Brown, Gentel Breeze, Dry Leaf, Around Dawn, Cozy Forest, Woody Shade
#04 Blooming Garden: Contains Fairy, Light Lilac, Blooming Plum, Jasmine, Breeze, Ice Rose, Dusty, Garden Brown, Sweet Very Peri
#05 Botanic Garden: Contains Sunshine, Daisy, Natural Coral, Tangerine, Breath, Nudy Rose, Teddy Wood, Botanic Brown, Tulip Mix


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