WAKEMAKE Water Velvet Cover Foundation SPF 30 PA+++ 30mL 1.01 fl. oz. 웨이크메이크 워터 벨벳 커버 파운데이션 SPF 30 PA+++ 30mL 1.01 fl. oz.


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WAKEMAKE Water Velvet Cover Foundation SPF 30 PA+++ 30mL 1.01 fl. oz.

웨이크메이크 워터 벨벳 커버 파운데이션 SPF 30 PA+++ 30mL 1.01 fl. oz. 


  • This is the semi-matte foundation that has become more perfect with the fixing golden time.
  • For semi-matte makeup skin without clumping or cracking, the time for the foundation to fit is crucial.
  • We developed it to find the best picking timing with 33 difficult makeup artists.
  • Smooth skin expression is possible, picking at the optimal timing or clumping without hesitation.
  • With a gentle blending, it is thinly applied and covers hidden blemishes and spots comfortably and moistly.
  • Keeps your skin bright for a long time without darkening regardless of warm/cool tone skins with a brightening foundation.
  • This foundation is picked by strict artists who apply makeup for idols and actors.
  • Create a beautiful, flawless skin with the WAKEMAKE Water velvet foundation.



The TRI - Flexible Fixing System™, which is WAKEMAKE's exclusive technology for adjusting the fixing timing, allows light oil that spreads well to be volatilized and evenly pigment on the skin, forming a cover layer. After that, a large amount of high-moisturizing ingredients are contained to form a moist layer, and a thin coating layer is formed on the skin by applying a film former.

This is the weightless formula that applies effortlessly.

How to use

[Oily skin]

1. Spread and fix the foundation on oily areas like the T-zone.
*Use the spatula wide brush to spread it out more evenly.
2. Fix it on the T-zone and apply more on the cheeks and blend it out.
3. Dab it with a blender along with the foundation applied on the T-zone.

[Dry skin]
1. Apply a thin layer on the cheeks first rather than the entire face.
2. Dab the foundation in as soon as you spread it out.
*To reduce dryness, dab in the foundation before it completely fixes.
3. Touch up a thin layer on thin skin like the sides of the nose or around the mouth.

[Vertical and horizontal skill]
1. When using a brush, first sweep horizontally over the area with a lot of pores in the nose and cheek zone and fill the pores.
2. Thinly stand the brush vertically and fill in the vertical pores carefully without leaving any out.
3. Thoroughly cover the area of the nose and the surrounding areas with a blender, and fill in the missed pores more thoroughly.
4. Create beautiful flawless skin with fully filled horizontal & vertical pores of the nose and the surrounding area.


17 Pale: Neutral ivory color with a hint of pink(Recommended for no.17~19)
19 Porcelain: Bright and clear neutral ivory (Recommended for no.19~21)
21 Vanilla: Clear ivory neutral vanilla (Recommended for no.21)
22 Neutral: Soft neutral beige (Recommended for no.22~23)
23 Beige: Warm soft skin beige (Recommended for no.23)